Level I

The foundation of Kuchipudi dance training is developed through learning steps accurately which encompass all of the basic grounding vocabulary. Students then continue to learn jathis followed by items. Additionally, the Natya Ravali School focuses on posture and balance to give students a deeper awareness of the body, coordination and motor skills, and comprehension of basic rhythm. Level I culminates with knowledge of Mudras, the Single and Double handed gestures. Students start Abhinaya training during the summer intensive camp, offered to students in the second year of Level 1.

Level II

Dancers develop strength and tone as they work towards mastering their Adavus.

Skills increase in speed and rhythm through more complicated sequences, and students are introduced to abhinaya expressional dance. They will learn 8 to 10 dances. By the end of Level II, students have begun their journey to understanding the theory of Kuchipudi Dance over the next several years and develop Angasudhi (clean body lines and movement). From Year 4 onward, students are eligible for enrollment in summer camp.

Level III

Dancers develop excellence in their athletic movements, technical precision and have the endurance to complete longer, 20-30 minute pieces, and advanced dances that engage deeper abhinaya (expression) and substantial choreography thru Keerthanas, Shiva Stuthis and Thillanas. At this level, dancers have the opportunity to perform outside of the school, at NDT company venues and outreach programs. Level 3 culminates with a full margam, which is intended to demonstrate the dancer’s advancement in performance, including advancement in discipline and integrity expression and attitude. Advancement to Level 4 requires delivery of strength and accuracy.